Monday, March 21, 2016


Lately there seems to be a lot of moments in my life when something of great significance happens when I’m least expecting it.

Like at lunch the other day, I sat and stared at a picture of a tempting shamrock shake that I couldn’t have because I gave up ice cream for Lent. I thought about telling myself shakes and ice cream are two different things, but I knew if I actually ordered one I’d regret it.

I’d beat myself up for being so weak; I’d be disappointed by my insufficiency of self-sacrifice.

Still, I really wanted that shake, and to make matters worse, I read in small print, “offered for a limited time only.” I know that most likely these shamrock shakes will not be available after Easter, which made me reconsider for a minute if ice cream and shakes really are the same in one. 

I touched the cross necklace I was wearing and remembered what it represented. I thought of Jesus, hanging on a cross, offering His life for ours, so that we could have eternal life. I looked at the small print that read, “limited time only” and I no longer desired the shake as I thought about eternal life with Christ.

I began to remember other significant things that Jesus has done. It made me think of the saying “when misery meets mercy.”

How many times had I’d been given a second chance when clearly I didn’t deserve one? How many times did Jesus pick me up off the floor where I felt I belonged, embarrassed and ashamed? How many different times did I start to sink and feel the arms of Jesus pulling me up, saving me, bestowing mercy upon me?

God’s mercy is bigger than any mistake, any error, any sin, anything that we possibly are holding onto to by thinking we don’t deserve mercy.

It happens when we least expect it.

Misery meets mercy.

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