Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Read All About It

Mystery, thriller, suspense, romance, drama, even some comedy thrown in for good measure; plus recorded testimonies of second chances, real stories about people bearing faith of steel, hopeless causes turned into actual miracles, never ending love, and so much more fill the pages of this most printed book of all time…The Holy Bible.

Some groups of book experts consider it to be the world’s most read book, and it has also been put in the category as the world’s bestselling book for all times.

All households should have one copy readily available being that the acronym for the word BIBLE was formed appropriately enough to read as: “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.”

To recap: the Holy Bible is not only the most printed book, but also the most read and the bestselling book of all times! How captivating is that?

I always have the best of intentions at the beginning of each year of reading the Bible from cover to cover. Promising myself that I must read at least one chapter per day. Then something happens, my bookmark gets lost, I don’t want to wake up the house by turning on a bunch of lights as I suddenly remember I never made the time to read as I lay in bed ready to fall asleep. I always mean to get back on track with my daily reading of at least one chapter, but something always seems to happen and this endeavor is once again prolonged.

Maybe I’m not cut out to read cover to cover. Maybe God has a better way for me to read His words. 

I know that attending Mass on a regular basis is one of the easiest ways to listen, and follow along to the words from this great book.  

Another way I get totally involved, and can’t put down the book is when I hear or read a quote taken from the Bible that stirs my heart in such a way where I must get out my Bible to re-read the verse, and find myself caught up in the unfaltering faith of the writers. Or I love it when I’m doing a Bible crossword puzzle, and I need the Bible to cheat “just a little” on the answers, and not only do I figure out the seven-letter word, but one line flows into the next, and I’m so moved by the power of the word of God I’ve read more than my one chapter that I always wished I could fulfill. 

Then there are the times when I need help, and sitting right there propped up on my bookshelf is that beautiful old book that gives “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.” Nestled in-between the pages I find a cure for my aching heart, a way to soothe my racing mind, a gentle reminder of true love from a God alive and well.

The Holy Bible…You must read all about it!


  1. Rose, I am so glad your blog was featured in the paper. That way, I can clip it and mail to a friend. I love what you wrote here, concluding it with such aplomb! Thank you for holding God's pen in your hand. I enjoy what He's saying.

  2. Dear Rachel,
    Thanks for the comment. It made my day!