Thursday, December 13, 2012

Seven Swans a Swimming!

The Twelve Days of Christmas is that song I would sing along with everyone else, laughing at the picture of eight maids a-milking and always wanting the five golden rings, never much thinking of the religious symbolism marked for each day. Now that I am older and wiser whenever I hear the song played it sounds like a whole different composition.

As I wrap my gifts that I plan to give to my loved ones, I think about the prayerful meaning behind the funny lyrics of seven swans a swimming as the seven gifts from the Holy Spirit come to mind.

They are very special gifts; ones that are worth more than gold, ones that we will want to always keep and never return.

Listed below are the seven mighty gifts from the Holy Spirit accessible to all who seek.

  1. Wisdom:  To have the ability to love in a spiritual way. Never to be swayed by material things over the spiritual.
  2. Understanding:  Having the awareness of what it takes to live a Christian life. Not being influenced by the activities of another that stray from following Jesus.    
  3. Counsel/Right Judgment: Enlightened in knowing how to live right from wrong. Picking right over wrong, no matter what outcome the consequences will deliver.   
  4. Fortitude/Courage:  Knowing Jesus leads to no fear and if we know Jesus,we are equipped to stand up in trying times. Not to let evil rule our daily life.
  5. Knowledge:  Understanding the true meaning of God. Growing a deeper relationship with Him than just the facts learned from reading the Bible.
  6. Piety/Reverence:  Respecting and worshiping God as our Father. Thus, realizing we must always rely on God with total trust and love.
  7. Fear of the Lord:  To remain in constant wonder and awe of God who is perfect. Certain that he is our King of Kings, our Creator of all things.
The magnificent seven!

If you have them you are blessed. You are definitely a child of God’s for sure.

If you need them, pray.

If you think you can live without them, pray relentlessly.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit
COME, Holy Spirit, fill the heart of your faithful.  And kindle in them the fire of your love.

Never give up. All it takes is a heart filled with a spattering of faith.

Peace be with you!

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