Sunday, December 2, 2012

O Holy Night!

The stars are brightly shinning. Cold nights with dark mornings bring out some of the most beautiful star filled skies an eye can see. Where constellations cause a heavenly sight and in doing so reminding us there is something bigger out there than just planet earth. These bright stars are flickers of hope.

Oh, how easy it is to get so confused and off kilter as life around us spins out of control. Where peace on earth seems like a million years away, and joy to the world is only for the lucky ones. I am human so I know what it feels like to be lost, and lonely, and completely alone.

I often stumble around in the dark seeking light; I bump into corners I should have avoided; I fall into ruts I had no place digging around in. I long for a ray of light to help me along.

Pope Benedict XVI writes “Life is like a voyage on the sea of history, often dark and stormy, a voyage in which we watch for the stars that indicate the route. The true stars of our life are the people who have lived good lives. They are lights of hope. Certainly, Jesus Christ is the true light, the sun that has risen above all the shadows of history. But to reach Him we also need lights close by—people who shine with His light and so guide us along our way.”   

I need the North Star to get me home. The other stars out there set me straight; guide me through life’s murkiness; show me right from wrong. They stay close to the North Star and they will shine all night and into the morning hour never giving up on hope, extending their light for the benefit of others. 

This constellation I lean so heavily on are my beacon of hope when I want to give up; they flare forth with faith when all else fails; they are my constant guide post pointing North. They shine in spots where I have only darkness.

I understand what Pope Benedict XVI is saying to us. We all need good people in our lives that by their actions of hope and faith help us when we stumble around in the dark, bump into things, fall into all kinds of problems. People we can count on; the kind of people who gleam with the inner light; people of God; people who have hope.

Do you know your stars?

Out there in the darkness you will find them; “They are lights of hope.”

(P.S. –Thank you to the special shining star that sent me this quote from our Pope.)

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