Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Morning Birds and Night Owls

I am a morning bird, and live amongst night owls. I have been told more than once that sometimes after nine o’clock at night I can get kind of crabby. Hard to believe because if you could see me in the wee morning hours, I am all smiles and fully refreshed. 

We are a house of mixed birds. 

They wake up looking at me like I’m a little too much to handle first thing in the morning, and I in turn wonder where their smiles have gone. Not to worry it is safe to say by noon we make it all work.

Whether you are a morning person, or love the night hours, in what manner we end and start each day has a lot to do with how the whole day plays out.

I happened to view part of a talk by Dr. Wayne Dyer regarding his book Wishes Fulfilled. He explains the power of using our imagination to change our life by simply imagining in our thoughts what we want our life to be like. One such example he gives is how the last five minutes between being awake and falling asleep are usually spent with our minds going over things we didn’t get done, problems we have, people who upset us, and so forth. He encourages the opposite, to spend the last five minutes being content with our day spent, imagining our bodies healthy, being thankful, not festering up scores to be settled, forgiving any misdeeds, thus letting God heal and restore us as we fall sleep. 

Then come morning, as he puts we won’t wake up saying “Good God……MORNING!” rather we will arise with the thoughts of “GOOD MORNING God!”

Sounds like good Godly advice. Before I fall asleep I want my last thoughts to be peaceful, so come morning I will be restored and ready to greet God in a delightful way.

Another way for morning birds and night owls to keep God on their minds and in their hearts as life clicks on.

Imagine it.

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