Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Miraculous Medal

Have you ever set out to watch the sunset and ended up looking away at the most spectacular time? Left the fireworks display before the absolute finale? Opted not to see the second act only to hear later it was considered the performance of the year, never to be duplicated.

That’s how I feel about the Miraculous Medal of Mary.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that all the years I have come in contact with an actual Miraculous Medal of Our Lady, I never took the time to investigate, and study just what it is and how it came to be.

As they say better late than never. This is what I have learned.
  • Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Feast day is November 27th.
  • Instructions regarding this medal came from Our Lady in an apparition to St. Catherine Laboure.
  • The medal is oval in shape exhibiting a picture of Mary with her arms outstretched.
  • Circling her picture is gold lettering reading: O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.”
  • The reverse side of the medal has a large “M” with a bar and cross, two hearts, one with a crown of thorns, the other pierced by a sword, all of this is surrounded by a circle of twelve stars.
  • Note the heart with thorns is to represent the heart of Jesus, and the heart pierced by a sword to represent Mary’s heart. The twelve stars are thought to symbolize the twelve apostles.
  • St. Catherine Laboure heard an inner voice telling her to “have a medal made according to this design; it would be a source of great graces and should be worn around the neck.”
I find it breathtaking that Our Lady would design such a medal for us.

One so unique with her picture on it welcoming us to come to her, her arms outstretched as if to gather us in.

Having the words “O Mary, conceived without sin” written assures us of who she really is, the mother of our God.

The definition of recourse refers to turning to someone or something for help; “pray for us who have recourse to thee.”  

Did she know how much we need her, and her prayers, and her protection? Is that why this medal was designed?

November 27th, the Feast of the Miraculous Medal, out of love and devotion to Our Blessed Mother I need to go to the bottom of my cedar chest, the corner of my jewelry box, and retrieve these beautiful medals and hold them dear to my heart.

I have a feeling they are the real thing, miraculous no doubt.

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