Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Preparations

So, I’m at the grocery store not sure why in the world I ended up browsing around the stuffing and gravy fixings near the frozen turkeys, when I’m approached by a person I don’t know who engages me in a conversation regarding what size bird to get, and how long it takes to thaw, and other such difficult topics for non cooks like myself.

I simply agree with every word she utters, and if she sends a question my way I throw back advice like “all your ideas sound great and I’m sure what you said earlier will work.”  

What I should have said was “I don’t belong here at all; I bring the green bean casserole; it involves cans of beans and my husband’s help; that’s all that will ever be expected of me; that’s my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner with my family. Honestly I have no clue as to why I’m in this section!”

Cooking a turkey for me would be as monumental as watching a baby climb Mt. Everest!

Now that you know I won’t be spending hours shopping, and prepping, and cooking for this once a year feast of all feasts I still do have my own Thanksgiving preparations, and want to share them.

First, and foremost I’m so very thankful for our Almighty Ever Living, Ever Giving God. I thank Him for Jesus, and Mary and Joseph, and all the Angels and Saints who pray for us. I thank Him for second chances and all the blessings bestowed upon me.

I also thank Him who created our earth; for the sun, and the sky, and the clouds, and the trees, and the oceans, and the seas, and the deserts, and the forever changing seasons. What a beautiful world we live in.

I thank God for my husband; the guy I live with who vowed to always remain at my side. Through thick and thin, good times and bad, sickness and health, for richer or poorer; I’m so thankful for his constant love and putting up with all my hair brained ideas, and too good to be true schemes I constantly fall for.

I’m thankful to have the privilege of being a mother. I’m so thankful for my two kids who love me for me! They teach me how to be a mom and how to be a better person just by who they are. I’m so very grateful to be so loved.

I must thank my dear mom for the lifetime of prayers she sent up to heaven for all of us kids. It is through the power of her prayers that I have come to realize who I am, and where I want to go.

I also thank God for the soul of my late father, and the legacy of life, and love that continues on because of him.  

Fate has forever thrown us together, and I’m so very thankful for my ten siblings, living and deceased. They had no choice in the matter, being stuck with me, and my not so charming ways, and despite whatever else still support and love me “as is.” (I thank fate everyday for my lucky stars!) I also am grateful for the extension of our ever growing family, and the endearing love from all its members.

I thank my husband’s family who bent over backwards, and did somersaults in the air to make me feel part of their family. I’m so very blessed to know, and be loved by such special people.

I need to thank my prayer group who for a decade now has been such a reassuring voice in my life. How awesome to come to a group with a prayer request, and to be told “done…what else can we do for you?” Every one of you is so very precious to me.

I wish to express thanks to all our wonderful neighbors who smile and wave; my walking partners, and all my friends near and far. I love our three hour lunches where my jaw aches, and my stomach muscles are in pain for days from laughing so much. You all bring such joy to my life!

I’m thankful for all the wonderful people who have graced my life. Like all the extraordinary priests in our parish who inspire, all the faith filled people I know of all walks of life who are such a great influence to me, all the wonderful teachers, and coaches over so many years who have impacted me, or my kids in a positive way, all the kind, knowledgeable doctors and nurses who have cared for me, and my loved ones in times of sickness, and all the strangers who help and give when so needed.

I will be ever grateful for the simple, honest, goodness of humanity.

A special thank you to my email friend who encourages me to write; who has led me to “let the spirit” take charge in my writing, and not to worry about writer’s block, but to simply write what I hold in my heart.

I also want to thank all who read my blog posts; those I know and those who by chance happened to come across my blog. Thank you so much for all of your nice pleasing comments! They are much needed and well appreciated.

I cannot close without thanking a certain member of our family, our family dog who wags his tail for me every morning as I walk downstairs even though I spend much more time picking dog hair off my pants then petting him. His tail continues to wag this way and that way as if to throw it in my face, “I know you really are a dog lover, you just don’t know it yet, but I’m still working on you; I know one day soon you will come around and you will get on the floor and I’ll really show my love for you,” yep the tail continues to wag!

All joking aside, with the table set to seriousness I am so very thankful for life and all it has to offer.

May you have the happiest thoughts as you count your blessings.

And once more …Thanks Be To God!


Rose who continues on “Blogging for a Better Life.”

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