Thursday, November 15, 2012


According to some people’s standards bittersweet wild flowers are considered to be nothing more than weeds; while others cherish the plant as a powerful remedy for all kinds of cures. 

These tall orange flowers often found growing along dirt roads offer a reminder to me of the bittersweet spell life can unfold.

That point in time where pleasant and painful mix together to form the irony of bittersweet moments.

A situation perhaps where soon to be first time parents enter the hospital together so excited to come home as a family when tragedy strikes, and the mother dies giving birth. Or after months of hard work you finally get picked to sing solo at the holiday concert and the one person you want to share the news with has end stage dementia. Maybe at long last you find the niche in life that brings you happiness only along with it you discover a lump.

These are some of life’s bittersweet occasions.

Sad and sweet at the same time, like oil and water they don’t mix well, but they often get tossed together. We ask why and come up short, family and friends are at a lost to explain, and we all know firsthand the taste of bittersweet tears.

The only person I know who can console hangs on a cross begging us to believe. Urging us to have faith, not to become bitter, to hold onto hope that one day we will no longer have tears. That one day love will find its way into our heart and soul, and all those moments we questioned will be answered.

Our earthly life is so brief considered to heaven’s eternity. Just maybe bittersweet moments are to be experienced to help us mature and grow in faith; just like the glory of heaven will one day be experienced for all who have believed.

Next time you encounter a bit of bittersweet in your life remember Jesus and the sweet promise He offers.

Then Believe.  Life has a way of working things out.

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