Thursday, October 11, 2012

Change of Scenery

Looking for a different outlook on life? Maybe you just need a change of scenery. 

Take a look outside; fall is showing off a grand spectacle. Autumn leaves are transforming our trees. It is that time of the year where we get out our sweaters, make hot chocolate in lieu of iced tea, and swap our brooms for rakes. 

It is the season where kids love to jump in piles of leaves, and family road trips to get fresh cider are a must. It is also the season where the preserving process begins.

Before modern times of refrigeration and canning became available the food preserving process was not something to be reckoned with. If you didn’t salt or pickle certain foods correctly come mid winter your family would begin to get mighty hungry. People knew this and preserved their food with care and caution. A trip to the local grocery store’s freezer and canned food sections were not an option. 

Back in the days of Laura Ingalls Wilder they made time for this preserving ritual, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of their work in progress.

Sure, today we don’t have to worry about salting a slab of meat properly or even “putting up” twenty quarts of tomatoes to get us through the winter months. 

Nonetheless, we still need the act of preserving in a different way. In prayer and fasting along with alms-giving and repentance we need to continue to work on saving our souls. 

We have certain things we must work towards, one of them is heaven. 

Autumn is a good time to let the "kid" in us surface. Go ahead and let yourself fall in that pile of leaves, and as we land softly in nature’s sweepings let's take time to think of how we can change to better earn our spot in the life to come.

For starters, we can begin by working on our relationship with God, developing a deep reverence for Him, intentionally forgoing something desired for the intention of a prayer, giving more than just our surplus of leftovers, and being genuinely sorry for our wrongdoings and choosing to change. 
If you feel like you are in a rut, follow autumn’s transformation of change, and set up some preserves for the future. 

Don’t we all need a change of scenery now and then?

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