Tuesday, October 2, 2012

God Works Wonders; You Can Plan On It

You are so proud of yourself; you did it! Lots of people have gathered together, and the award you have so longed for looks like a reality after all. All the hard work has paid off. Flattering words are being said about you letting everyone know how you so deserve this deserving award. 

People are starting to turn in your direction and smiling; you can barely breathe from inner excitement, your name is about to be announced. Here it goes, you half stand when all the sudden the name you’re expecting to be called out for all to hear isn’t your name at all. It’s the person behind you.

What can you do? 

You do what any dignified person does; you pretend to re-adjust your chair that happens to be sitting perfectly fine, you wave your program in front of your face saying under your breath how hot it is as if to explain the reason your face is red as a beet.

Humbling moments can be quite embarrassing. I for one have had more than my share! Makes me wonder, does God have a sense of humor? 

An old Chinese Proverb reads “Man makes plans; God looks down and laughs.”

We all know too well how we like to plan things out.

Our kids’ birthday parties are planned to the exact second, all runs smoothly until the first kid gets bored with the activities. 

We get upset when our picnic plans need to be improvised because of the weather. Waiting on another who happens to be running late can do havoc to a planned schedule. We don’t want any setbacks to our day, we want it to go all as planned with no surprises.

But what about God’s plans for us; how often do we consider God, and His plans in our daily decisions? 

God’s plans for us may or may not be what we were expecting, but we must not lose fact that His plans are always in our best interest.

We weren’t planning on troubles, or having to take a different approach, but something varied and our set plans are no longer set. 

God, with His infinite wisdom, and our best interest in sight has planned a way to bring us back from self destruction. 

This is where we need to realize God’s plans are far better than anything we could have concocted (even if it means we have to live through a little embarrassment and humility.)

God works wonders.

You can plan on it!

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