Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Key to Happiness

Mixed in with a bunch of our odds and ends is a key that unlocks the door to happiness. 

It offers entry into a life of pure bliss.

This happiness has nothing whatsoever to do with health, wealth, or beauty.

Once you've opened that door to happiness, and entered you never want to leave. The happiness that engulfs you is complete, sincere, and what you have always been searching for.

Pope Benedict XVI said it best with these words “The happiness you are seeking, the happiness you have a right to enjoy, has a name and a face: Jesus of Nazareth.”

This happiness attained from Jesus brings peace of mind, contentment, hopefulness, joy, and well-being.  

The sad thing is sometimes we turn away from Him, usually when we need Him most, and end up locked inside the door of self pity singing the blues.

Life has many entry doors with countless choices. 

One must be wise in choosing where to enter and exit. 

As the Pope so eloquently describes happiness, which is what we all really want, need and spend a lifetime searching for, this happiness has a name and a face: Jesus of Nazareth.”

Thus, the key to happiness is to find Jesus.

Jesus of Nazareth that is.

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