Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Go Nuts!

You never know what you’ll get opening a can of mixed nuts.

Likely beautiful almonds, perfect whole cashews, sweet pecans, amazing walnuts, delicious pistachios, and plentiful good ole fashioned peanuts. 

Very similar to the variety of people we encounter in our lives.

I like to think the majority of us are good nuts, we mix well together, complement each other, but every so often I run into a few nut cases that cause me to reexamine my outer shell.

These are the people who walk around with no direction, they accept no idea other than their own, claiming to believe in no higher power, no God; they remind me of the strange Brazil nut. Shells are almost impossible to get open and once you do the nut inside is just as hard to describe. These people call out names like “Jesus Freak” to someone who makes the sign of the cross in public, or “God Crazy” to people who carry a Bible or Rosary within public view. 

I have a suspicion they secretly envy the peace, and love of our true God. Maybe the name calling is a facade for needed prayers of conversion.

Then we have the Chestnuts of the world. That beautiful nut on the outside,  but the inside is made up of nothing. I’ve run into many Chestnuts and couldn’t get away fast enough. They are the folks who try to cram religion (their particular religion) down your throat; they preach until they are blue in the face. Do more harm than good. 

All I can think of when I’m stuck listening to their ramblings is Jesus as He tells us about removing the plank from our own eye before trying to remove a speck in our neighbor’s eye. Not only do they need a reality check but really need our prayers.

In between these two extremes a small slice of heaven exists through another group of people out there. The people who preach by actions rather than words, people who aren’t embarrassed to embrace their God in public, people who go out of their way to do good, people who live by faith, people who care for other people, people who live for God, people who put God first and others second and their selves third. 

Good people like the good chocolate covered Macadamia nut we can never get enough of.

A can of mixed nuts needs an assortment of different textures to balance out the different varieties. 

No two people are the same, but what we do have in common is one God, one life, one destination, one way to get there. 

It is important to mix well with others, help others, support others, love others, cheer others on, and make no nuts about it pray for each other.

Take the test. 

Go nuts with prayer, it helps mix together the common good for all humanity.

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